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Different games that we provide.

We have available two different custom-built multi-lane slot car tracks that look and give you the feel of a real race track. The third game we have available is Tank Tag. To see even more pictures, check out our Gallery page and, to see a larger view, just click on any of the pictures there.

Event Party Games Southeast MI - Slot Car Racing Parties, Rent Tank Tag Game - Miniature Motorways - dayatraces2Slotcar Racing

We have designed and custom built two unique race tracks. One is a 5 lane, mildly banked oval and the other track is a 6 lane offset oval with a switchback at one end and a sweeping 180 degree turn at the other. To keep things simple, your controller, car and lane are all the same color. Standard racing is the most number of laps in either one or two minutes wins the race. Organized slot car tournaments are also available.

Event Party Games Southeast MI - Slot Car Racing Parties, Rent Tank Tag Game - Miniature Motorways - tanktagTank Tag

Tank Tag is a one-of-a-kind game that Miniature Motorways has created. Imagine laser tag on a rough terrain table top with radio controlled tank-like vehicles! Four people compete with each other trying to out maneuver their opponents. Use your controller to drive the tank around and shoot opposing tanks with safe infra-red technology. If you fire too fast, your gun will overheat and you will be unable to fire for a few seconds - leaving you vulnerable. After ten "hits" your tank is disabled. An alternative tactic is to ram your tank into your opponents and try to flip their tank over first. Either way, the last tank standing after two minutes wins the battle. Organized tank tag tournaments are also available. Two table skirt choices are available, camouflage or solid black.

Newest Game!

Demolition Derby

Our newest game, Demolition Derby, is quickly winning over the hearts of people, young and old. Victory is awarded to the driver who can avoid crashing their race car and be the last driver standing. This game is full of excitement!